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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fraud by Agents attached with Namakkal HPO - Victimaisation of staff by Administration ------------------------

Subject: Fraud by Agents attached with Namakkal HPO - Victimaisation of staff by Administration

From: pkramasamy pkramasamy <>
Date: Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 1:01 PM

Dear Comrade,
Few SAS/MPKBY agents had failed to credit the amount collected from the depositors in to Post office accounts. But misappropriated the amount to the tune of Rs.60,00,000/-(Sixty lakhs). Somehow the agents had managed to posses blank passbooks and issued them to the depositors, forging the signature of postal official(s), fraudulently. Few date stamp impressions of Namakkal HPO      were  available in one or two pass books.The Divisional administration is trying to frame innocent officials instead of taking action to recover the amount from the agents who actually committed the frauds.

Today (on 03.07.2013), one Shri. K. Subramani formerly APM(SB), Namakkal HPO now at Tiruchengodu HO on transfer, has been suspended. The SPOs has issued the suspension orders,reportedly, on the oral direction of DPS, Western Region(TN), Coimbatore 641002.

Suspension is unnecessary on the following grounds;
1. Fraud was detected in October 2012. Nine  months have elapsed since then. 
2. The official in question has already been transferred out of the office and is working in Tiruchengodu HPO which is 35 KMs away from Namakkal HPO.
3. Suspension has to be done only if the official in question has any chance of tampering the records or he himself committed any major fraud.
4. Whether the official in question is on duty or under suspension will not make any difference to the ongoing investigation.
5. The official has not directly connected with fraud. 

(Minor discrepancies in Stock of Pass Books were noticed over the period. And the suspended official is one among the few officials who is responsible for stock of PBs. Divisional Heads who made annual inspections and half yearly verifications have failed to notice any discrepancy and they are not at all questioned/ held responsible for their lapses.)  

The official in question is an SC employee and lone bread winner in his family. He desperately need the monthly salary to meet the expenses for education of his son, who has  joined in a private Engineering college this year and his daughter who is studying in a private matriculation school apart from maintenance of his family. 

Therefore, it is felt that the administration is resorting to suspension in order to instill fear in the minds of the employees.

The members are very much agitated about this issue.

Kindly intervene to revoke the un-warranted suspension order and to prevent any further victimaisation of innocent employees by the administration.

Copies of representation made earlier are also attached for reference.

Yours fraternally,

=P.K.Ramasamy, Divisional President, AIPEU Gr.C, Namakkal 637001 
& P.Shanmugam, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU Gr.C, Namakkal 637001.

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