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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Duties and responsibilities of Project Arrow Postmasters without caretaking allowance

Duties and responsibilities of Postmaters working in Project Arrow Post offices as per Directorate letter no D.O. No.Project Arrow/Office Service Level/08-09 dated 11.02.2009 are:
Please click here to view the department order copy to read the duties allocated to Project arrow postoffice postmaster.

1.Outside campus cleaned and garbage removed.

2.Watering of plants/trees/lawn

3.Cutting hedges and trimming trees whenever required

4.Seeing that All the campus lights an back list boards are in working condition

5.Cleaning and mopping office floors with disinfectant

6.Cleaning and mopping counter area twice a day or more as per the customer traffic and empting of waster paper baskets in public hall/office hall

7.Dusting of furniture/counters

8.Cleaning of window glass panes/counter glasses with water/spray

9.Cleaning of toilets after every two hours with phenyl disinfectant and availability of water

10.Cleaning of wash basin and availability of naphthalene balls

11.Punctuality of staff

12.Availability of soap/liquid soap in toilet

13.Mopping of drinking water area every half an hour

14.Availability of sufficient cash at the counter

15.Fans/Tube lights/roof/walls to be cleaned at least once in a month

16.Free availability of forms used by customers at the identified place in public hall

17.Genset is in working condition

18.Availability of sufficient diesel

19.UPS in working order-water level of batteries checked

20.Availability of sufficient office stationery 

       The above duties are in addition to duties and responsibilities as prescribed by various volumes and rules made thereunder. 

       It can be seen that Postmaster has to act as caretaker of the building. But why the department is not granting 10% Caretaking allowance when the MOF has given orders(Click here to view/download GOI,MOF, DoE , OM No. F.No.7(21)2008-E III(A) Dated 22.09.2008) to grant caretaking allowance.Is it not unjustified.
All project arrow office postmasters are requested to send your representation to claim 10% care taker allowance to the Project arrow postmaster. Proforma for the representation is attached below.

     Click here to download the proforma to claim the 10% care taker allowance

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